I have received comments from customers - people find listening to the CD's beneficial for sleeping, massage, exercise, physical therapy, to relax before a medical procedure, romance, studying, and birthing.

These CD's contain no voice guide or musical melody line for your mind to follow and distract you from the meditation experience. You can relax, let your mind wander and experience a different meditation with each session.

Sound therapy is often focused on the Chakras. Each area of the physical system is made up of different densities of tissue and hollow cavities. Sound produced externally or internally resonates with different energy centers of the body according to the sound/tone that is being made. Blocks in the emotions, the physical body, and within the Chakras can be released very effectively by sounds and tones.

We recommend you start in a special comfortable space and position. Listen to the CD with your eyes closed, taking deep belly breaths, relaxing, and letting your mind travel with each sound/tone. Release tension in your body with each breath and feel your mood lift. Envision the colors for each Chakra shining on and through that energy center while opening, balancing, and releasing any blocks in that area of the your body.

You may listen to these CD's through your sound system speakers or headphones. Headphones aid in diminishing outside noise and help you to focus on your meditation. Some individuals experience a greater benefit playing the CD through their sound system speakers. The intensity of the sound waves is greater and can be felt in various parts of the body effecting the Chakra energy centers more profoundly. We suggest trying both listening methods to discover which works best for you.

Do Not Listen to this CD While You Are Driving or Performing Any Activity that Requires Your Attention!

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