Personalized Chakra Attunement CD

Now Available By Special Order

Personal attunement CD's are personally designed and manufactured to your personal chakra energy center needs. Part one is chakra information gathered through a questionnaire which you complete and mail in. Part two Randall will schedule a metaphysical reading session with you either in person or over the telephone. This reading will further enlighten Randall as to what tones and sounds will best assist you with your attunement.

A customized CD containing specific sounds and tones designed especially for you. Personalized for you with a Chakra Questionnaire and a Person Psychic Reading done for you by Randall

Your Cd is designed to assist you in tuning and balancing your seven chakra energy centers. The CD moves through each of the chakra energy centers with a soft transitions sound between each chakra energy center.

As you move through each chakra energy center, you can imagine the vibrant color associated with each chakra energy center, being bathed and enveloped with color and intense light.

Each chakra energy center section is personally designed with specific sounds, tones, length, and depth of sound to aid your energy centers.


Price $300 and up

Allow 6 - 8 weeks for creation of a personalized attunement CD.

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Do Not Listen to this CD While You Are Driving or Performing Any Activity that Requires Your Attention!

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