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Inner Journey Foundation Series








"Re-Membering Who You Are"

First CD in the Series

$15.99 + sales tax

Art: Shakkai Moon ~ Music: Randall E. Streiffert ~ Recorded, & Produced at White Sage Music Denver, CO

Megan M. Moon, M.S.W. began leading guided meditations in 1997. She began charging for readings in 1989, and has been channeling since 1994. Her 19 years in social work and as a traditional therapist have brought solid foundation to the delivery of these meditations.

This disc manifested out of the intention that it would serve everyone's highest and best. It is a new tool in your toolbox for life. No worries if you fall asleep while meditating, that is simply your Spirit getting the most out of the experience. Use the breathing and centering techniques gifted to you inside the meditations throughout your day to bring greater Peace into your beautiful life.

Ms. Moon runs Healing Moon based in Colorado. Her healing sessions are done both in person and over the phone. Feel free to contact Healing Moon today for a reading, healing, & list of scheduled group meditations.

Meditations by

Megan Moon, M.S.W.


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