Megan Moon, M.S.W - Psychic and Spiritual Advisor began leading guided meditations in 1997 and became a professional psychic reader in 1989, and has been channeling since 1994. Her 19 years in social work and as a traditional therapist have brought solid foundation to the delivery of these meditations. Ms. Moon runs Healing Moon based in Colorado with healing sessions ar done both in person and over the phone. Feel free to contact Healing Moon today for a reading, healing, & list of scheduled group meditations email: HealingMoonIntl@gmail.com or online at: Absolutely Psychic.com

Barbara Schmitt - Metaphysical Mentor / Energy balance and alignment sessions, Journey assistance, psychic readings ~ email: barbara111@me.com

Dr. Eric Avery, PT, DPT - Avery Physical Therapy, LLC - Mobile Physical Therapy Services In Home, On the Field, At Work, Physical Therapy, Pain Management, Low Back Pain Mgt, Fitness Training, Customized Programs, Flexible Schedules Ph: 303.915.5092

Sean Thompson, D.C. - Natural Body Works Sean and his wife Jill have opened their business at 17741 Cottonwood Drive Parker, CO 80214 Specializing in Chiroprqactic, Massage, Yoga therapy, Herbs & Life/Career/Wellness Coaching. Known in Southern California for over 15 years for gentle care of children and adults with a natural, personal treatment style, Dr. Sean now practices in the more rural areas, serving people that have tried 'traditional' therapies, or are motivated to avoid surgery, or other expensive and dangerous treatments for simple, tried and true chiropractic, massage, and physiotherapy care. Call 720-325-9886 for an appointment

Carol Garton - Author & Intuitive is a practicing intuitive and spiritual teacher who brings a diverse background to the readings and classes she offers. Awakening Your Intuition I is designed to help guide you in opening your sixth sense and trusting your intuition. Exploring Your Intuition II is designed to help those who want to expand their knowledge with a hands on practice of connecting to your spirit guides and listening to your intuition. Contact Carol Garton for personal intuitive readings or for more information on application and dates of future classes. Ph: 303-463-0617

Information & Resources

Abraham-Hicks - Esther Hicks is an inspirational speaker who dialogs with a group of spiritual teachers who call themselves Abraham

CHAKRA INFORMATION CHART informaiton compiled over the years by Randall, a reference for Charka energy centers and coordinating qualities, funcitons, etc.

CHAKRA - Wikipedia geveral reference on the chakra system CRYSTALS & STONES can enhance Meditation, Reiki Energy Sessions, Psychic Attunement, Chakra Balancing & Clearing. They also can relate to specific body parts and disorders. A rose quartz, programmed with an intention can calm your emotions, assist with aid to the kidneys, increases fertility, eases sexual imbalances, and aids in forgiveness and compassion. Place the stone in your bedroom, as you sleep your childhood hurts can be transformed. Also, carry a tumbled piece to strengthen the love vibration. Refer to the information tab on this web site for more uses.

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